01. Sep, 2010

An Update of Un-Epic Porportions

An Update of Un-Epic Porportions

I want to be all bloggity bloggity about my life in Hawaii, but to be honest, it’s just life, much like life in Seattle and Portland and all of the other places people I know and love live in. But for those of you who are dying for an update, I’ve written a list- becuase [...]

28. May, 2010

Sarah on Parade


The title of this post might be a little misleading, there have been no real parades (horses, confetti, floats) but I feel like the last 6 months have been one long parade route, with a lot of smiling and waving and not so much stopping and settling.  We’ve have a lovely ride, and now we [...]

18. Apr, 2010

I moved!

I moved!

I would show you a picture, but my camera is deep in one of my bags, along with its upload cable, and my computer (which can not, as of yet, access the interwebs). Just imagine this, a TV that doesnt work (we cant find the power supply), next to a pile of bags (that we [...]

30. Mar, 2010

Geeky Girly Stuff.

Geeky Girly Stuff.

So… While I should be packing and cleaning and doing stuff and things in preperation for Friday… I was surfing the net during naptime today, and found these lovely Twilight things: Stephanie Meyer has just announced the upcoming release of a new Twilight Series book!  She calls it a novella, and its about a tangental [...]

27. Mar, 2010

Round Two: Ziggity Zaggity

Linda’s Heart

Today another Round Robin Top goes to the post office… I received Linda’s blue and white stars with Ramona’s red and cream geometrical design.  I added the blue-white- and red zigzag (6″ finished).  This time the math wasnt so bad, but I COULD NOT get those corner blocks to line up perfectly and it’s driving me nuts. [...]

22. Mar, 2010

Dreaming & Drooling


Now that The Boyfriend is safely settled into our future home I have begun to daydream about grocery shopping.  I am fairly certian the extent of his non-Sarah shopping will consist of 2 frozen pizzas, a box of cereal, and a gallon of milk since he will only be in our new home a few [...]


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